Deep Tine Aerification
Regular deep verification is vital to healthy root growth.  Breaking up compacted soil allows roots to penetrate more deeply into the soil and make better use of available water and nutrients.  This improves water flow and the air flow in the soil, eliminates thatch, and increased the strength of the grass.  
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Greens TERRA SPIKE®  Brochure Data Sheet
TERRA SPIKE® GXi6  Brochure  
TERRA SPIKE® GXi8  Brochure  
TERRA SPIKE® XD Brochure Data Sheet
TERRA SPIKE® XF  Brochure Data Sheet
TERRA SPIKE® XP  Brochure Data Sheet
Wiedenmann Brooms and Brushes
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TERRA BRUSH Brochure Data Sheet

The TERRA BRUSH is available as an attachment for a three-point hitch tractor hitch or as a model that can be towed by a vehicle with a tow bar (utility vehicle).  The carriage can be lifted out hydraulically or electrically.  The special zigzag arrangement of the individual brush strips achieves an even distribution of the infill, improving the ability of the ball to roll and reducing the risk of injury.  Choose between hard or soft bristles, depending upon need.  For optimal surface performance, the TERRA BRUSH can be equipped with optional fold away extensions (only on natural turf). 

TERRA GROOM Brochure  

The TERRA GROOM fits any vehicle above 15 horsepower.  The TERRA GROOM is utilized to brush in sand and any other top dressing to achieve even distribution of infill on surfaces without leaving lines and stripes.  The TERRA GROOM breaks down cores and disperses dew.  It improves the roll of a golf ball and reduces mower maintenance, while promoting healthy grass growth.  When used on artificial turf, the Terra Groom raises the artificial turf fibers and levels the surface of the turf.  

The TERRA GROOM consists of three rows of special groomers.  Two rows are straight and one row is zip zag mounted.  The groomers can be easily interchanged as they are attached with two bolts.  The TERRA GROOM has a working width of 74" and is available with a 3-point hitch mounting frame to attach it to a tractor.  Alternatively, the TERRA GROOM can be fitted with bogey wheels and an electric actuator to be attached to utility vehicles.