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1023E "Estate Turf" Package - Front Loader - Mid Mount Mower 
  John Deere 1-Series, 22.4hp       Contact A Salesman   
  1023E Ldr Mower  

Tractor Package includes:


1023E Tractor, 22.4hp, 4WD, Hydro Transmission, Mid & Rear PTO's

D120 Front Loader w/49" Bucket, Hood Guard  

54D Mid Mount Mower


MSRP: $18,775. 



It may come at a compact price... but there's nothing compact about its capabilities. The1023E features iMatch Quick-Hitch compatibility, drive-over AutoConnect mower decks and Twin-Touch hydrostatic drive controls. Package includes Front Loader and Mid Mower.


Sale Price  $14,199.

$213/mo. 0% APR for 60 months2

1025R "Country Estate TLB" Package - Front Loader/Backhoe
  John Deere 1-Series, 24.2hp       Contact A Salesman   
  1025R TLB  

Tractor Package includes:


1025R Tractor, 24.2hp, 4WD, Hydro Transmission, Mid & Rear PTO's

120R Front Loader w/49" Bucket, Hood Guard

260 Backhoe, Quick-Attach, w/Bucket


MSRP: $26,249.



Dig in and get things done with the 1025R-TLB. Dig trenches and move dirt. The Loader and Backhoe can be quickly removed to add a Box Blade or Cutter to the 3-Point Hitch.  Add a Belly Mower to mow the front lawn! 


Sale Price  $22,599.

$339/mo. 0% APR for 60 months2

2025R "Field Master" Package - Front Loader/Rotary Cutter
   John Deere 2-Series, 24.2hp       Contact A Salesman  
  2032R Package  

Tractor Package includes:


2025R Tractor, 24.2hp, 4WD, Hydro Transmission, Mid & Rear PTO's

120R Front Loader w/57" Bucket, Hood Guard

RC2048 Rotary Cutter w/Safety Guards


MSRP: $23,687.




A great  deluxe compact tractor and attachment combination for larger estates or small ranches.  The Front Loader is indespensible for moving dirt, mulch, or other lifting jobs.  Add a Trailer and tow this great package to your ranch.


Sale Price  $19,699.

$296/mo. 0% APR for 60 months

3025E "Rancher" Package - Front Loader/Box Scraper/Rotary Cutter/Trailer
     John Deere 3E-Series, 25hp       Contact A Salesman  
  3025E Package  

Tractor Package includes:


3025E Tractor, 25hp, 4WD, Hydro Transmission, Power Steering

300E Front Loader w/61" Bucket, Hood Guard

BB5060 5ft Frontier Box Scraper

RC2060 5ft Rotary Cutter w/Safety Guards

16ft Trailer, Tube Top Rail, Brakes, Slide-In Ramps



MSRP: $30,401.







The 3025E has all the power and features you want for your mid size hunting, farm or ranch property.  John Deere's patented two-pedal controled hydrostatic transmission is easy to operate.  It's a best-in-class tractor with an industry leading 6-year warranty.


Sale Price  $22,499.

$338/mo. 0% APR for 60 months2

3032E "Ranch Hand" Package - Rotary Cutter
     John Deere 3E-Series, 31.1hp       Contact A Salesman   
  3038E Cutter  

Tractor Package includes:


3032E Tractor, 31.1hp, 4WD, Hydro Transmission, Power Steering

RC2060 5ft Rotary Cutter w/Safety Guards


MSRP: $23,489.





With more horses under the hood than the 3025E tractor, the 3032E packs that extra power for tougher operating conditions.  Fits conveniently in a small garage, but it also fits within a smaller budget.


Sale Price  $18,199.

$273/mo. 0% APR for 60 months2

5045E-2 "Lone Star" Package - Front Loader/Rotary Cutter
     John Deere 5-Series, 50hp       Contact A Salesman   
  5045E 2 Loader Cutter  

Tractor Package includes:


5045E-2 Tractor, 50hp, 2WD, 9F/3R Sync-Shuttle Transmission

512 Front Loader w/73" Bucket, Hood Guard

6ft Frontier Rotary Cutter w/Slip Clutch and Safety Guards



MSRP: $31,506.








Fifty horsepower, a heavy-weight frame and an economy price... the 5045E tractor gives you all three!   Step up to this tractor and you'll get a higher lift capacity loader with a 73" bucket to move dirt even faster.  A great performer with a 6ft Rotary Cutter.


Sale Price  $24,999.

$375/mo. 0% APR for 60 months2

5065E-4WD "Country Star" Tractor,  Power Reverse Transmission, Front Loader  
     John Deere 5-Series, 73hp       Contact A Salesman   
  5065E 4  

Tractor Package includes:


5065E-4C Tractor, 67hp Diesel Engine

Front Loader, Bucket, Hood Guard

4 Wheel Drive

12F/12R Power Reverse Transmission

Single Rear and Dual Mid Hydraulic Control Valves


MSRP: $46,332.






The 5065E-4 is a great combination of power, size and versitility.  A real value in a larger frame tractor that can deliver.  Add a bale spear to this front loader that's capable of lifting the largest hay bales.  Four wheel drive gives added productivity.


Call for price  .  

0% APR for 60 months2




1) Sale price includes all applicable dealer discounts in addition to all John Deere retail bonuses, coupon offers, special event discounts or other discounts. Sale price subject to inventory in stock and can change without notice.  Residency and other restrictions apply.  Tax, title registration, setup, delivery and other fees may apply.  See dealer for details.   2) Financing subject to approved installment credit with John Deere Financial.  10% down payment and scheduled monthly payments will be required.  Taxes and other fees may increase monthly payment.  See dealer for details.  Offers end 10-29-20.