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Primary Responsibilities:

  • Recondition and repair equipment as assigned; diagnose trouble and plan method for performing work required.
  • Perform diagnosis and repairs with little or no supervision and assistance. Has received John Deere Core Certification in Electrical, Hydraulic and Service ADVISOR diagnostics and repair. Has achieved John Deere Advanced Service Technician status.  Job skills also include:
  • Gasoline and diesel engine diagnostics and repair
  • 2-cycle engines diagnostics and repair
  • Transmissions diagnostics and repair
  • Metal welding, cutting and fabrication
  • Account for time and material used.
  • Assist in preparing repair estimates as requested.
  • Keep Supervisor advised as to how work is progressing.
  • Maintain minimum 80% average Labor Billing Efficiency.
  • Maintain complete set of personal mechanics hand tools as deemed necessary by supervisor for assigned work.
  • Maintain and care for shop tools and equipment assigned to them.
  • Perpetuate their education by attending all assigned service schools on the product lines sold by the Company. Service school attendance is mandatory for maintaining proficiency in servicing both new and previous products.
  • Attend all service department meetings and Company safety meetings.
  • Mentor Make-Ready Technicians and Junior Service Technicians.
  • Work flexible hours as required.
  • Maintain a clean work area and perform miscellaneous duties associated with the job.
  • Perform field service as requested.
  • Perform setup, predelivery and delivery functions as requested.
  • Perform other maintenance or service work as requested by supervisor.
  • Perform facility maintenance and janitorial duties as assigned by supervisor.
  • Responsible for maintaining safe operating conditions throughout the Company facility or other work sites.
  • Cooperate with supervisors and peers in fulfilling the duties and responsibilities of all personnel in the service department.
  • Assist in loading and unloading, and movement of equipment and other items throughout the facility as requested, and operate machinery as necessary to perform these and other assigned tasks.
  • Promote customer loyalty and protect dealer image.
  • Perform any other duties assigned by supervisor.

Advanced Service Technician

in Spring
Start date: As soon as possible
Terms of reference

Repairs and reconditions customer’s machinery and reconditions used equipment for resale by Company. Operates and maintains shop equipment and machine tools.  Requires little or no supervision, has master all required job skills and attends all position appropriate Service Schools in order to maintain grade level


The Advanced Service Technician must be thoroughly familiar with equipment lines and their operation. They must know the detailed construction of many machines and have the knowledge and skill to make repairs properly. A natural mechanical ability and familiarization with testing equipment and diagnostic procedures, as well as maintaining proficiency, will be required. Requires little or no supervision or assistance.  They must own and maintain a complete set of mechanics handtools as deemed necessary by their supervisor, as to safely and efficiently perform repairs. They must be able to properly operate delivery vehicles and trailers, forklifts, presses, welders, grinders and other shop machinery, possess a valid and proper State of Texas Driver’s License, and maintain a good driving record. This position requires the ability for moderate to heavy lifting (50lbs+), as well as the agility for bending, squatting, and reaching objects at heights above the head while standing. They must possess all body senses, with corrected vision and hearing, and the sense of touch throughout the body evaluated as “normal” by a physician.

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